Visconti (Steel) Homo Sapiens Lava Maxi

Rarely do I purchase used pens.  When I do they tend to be antique, LE, or discontinued models.  This pen falls into the last category, discontinued.  Visconti still produces the Homo Sapiens lava in 2 models, the Bronze and Dark Age.  This pen is the discontinued Steel model.  The difference is the pens trim and nib color.  Steel is as you would expect steel (marine stainless), and has a single-tone 23kt nib.  Bronze has bronze trim and a 23kt two-tone nib.  The Dark Age has glossy black trim, and a dark-tone 23kt nib.


The other benefit to purchasing a used, price.  Personally I think Visconti pen prices are too high for the current level of quality….more on that later.


So why purchase this pen?  The material.  The pen body is made from lava from the Etna volcano.  This makes the pen resilient to damage, highly flame proof, slightly hygroscopic, and comfortable to handle.  For me this pen is all about the material, while also being a comfortable size.  The maxi or large pen is similar in size to my beloved Pelikan M800.


One of the things I do NOT like is the Visconti Power Filler.  It simply is not an efficient filling mechanism.  The power filler is what I would consider low capacity.  My pens measured capacity is around 0.8ml, and with a few tries I can get around 0.9ml.  Not great for such a large pen.  Power filler models are also slow/difficult to clean ink from.  There have the option to remove the nib.  I always recommend against repeated nib removal.  More removal increase wear and chance of damage.


To be continued.