Sailor Pro Gear Slim Orange Demonstrator

I’m back, not so much that I went anywhere, but I am back to writing pen reviews.  Like many people I had more things to do than time to do them.


My return review goes back to where I left off, with Sailor.  I ended up selling a Pro Gear Imperial Black; great pen, it just was not used enough.  Its replacement was another Sailor, the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Orange Demonstrator, with a 14 k zoom (z) nibThe pen is also know as the Sailor Sapporo.  This is the smallest size pen in the Pro Gear series.

I chose this pen for a few reasons.  First, the pen has the option for a zoom nib.  Second, orange is one of my favorite colors.  Third, I wanted one more demonstrator pen in my collection.

The zoom (z) nib is a Sailor exclusive grind.  What makes the nib unique is the ability to write multiple line widths by simply changing the writing angle, or using the back side of the nib.  At it’s widest the nib is roughly a double broad (2B / BB), and the narrowest is roughly a fine (F).  Keeping the nib 75°-45° off the paper will give a BB width, 30° a B width, 15°-0°(perpendicular) a M width, the back of the nib a F width.  You get roughly four different line widths from one pen / nib combo.

Orange.  While orange isn’t my absolute favorite color, it’s one of my favorite colors.  And this pen is a nice bright vivid orange.  Most people would consider this color loud and untraditional, and they are correct.  I would certainly say the color is too bright for a boardroom or a traditional office.  It is a great color to liven up a gloom day, or to add some color to winter.  If you won’t do orange the pen is available in transparent blue, green, pink, and clear.  There are also multiple non-demonstrator colors available.

The fun of a demonstrator is being able to see the internal workings of the pen.  In this case the cartridge / converter setup.  I do prefer a piston filler, so this is a little trade off.  Regardless this demonstrator has excellent transparency, no issue with cloudiness.  If your are interested in a piston filling orange demonstrator, check out the larger Pilot Custom 92 orange demonstrator.

So far its been a fun little pen with a great unique nib.