Pelikan M800 Blue Stripe

Pelikan Souverän, a classic fountain pen that will stand the test of time.  The Pelikan Souverän (Sovereign) M800 is without a doubt one of my favorite fountain pens.  Launched in 1987 the M800 is often considered a benchmark in the fountain pen world.  The pen features a balance of classic style, quality construction, and smooth performance.

There are plenty of reviews of the M800.  So I’ll simply tell you what I like about this pen, sans technical details.

The blue-striped sleeve first appeared in 1995.  It’s a gorgeous blue with a classic professional look.  This pen is dressed comfortably for work or play.  Looks wise, it’s a favorite pen to carry, and pairs well with a suit.

The M800 is a solid well built pen.  The brass piston has a smooth action and provides a comfortable heft and balance.  That same brass piston will last a lifetime.

While the M800 isn’t the largest pen in the Sovereign lineup, it is a large pen that will fill most hands.  It’s large enough to be used comfortably when unposted.  I personally hate posting pens, there’s always a chance of the cap falling off, or some scuffing on the pen barrel.

The 18k two-tone nib writes wet and the pen has no problem with drying when left uncapped (within reason).  Like the other features, this is a larger nib, which writes on the wider side.  On average I would say the nibs are about 0.1mm larger than other western manufacturers.  A great way to show off the color and sheen in many inks.  The nibs are easily removable, replaceable, and customizable.

The combination of size, weight, appearance, and performance make this a nearly ideal pen.

L to R: M800 Blue Stripe, M805 Vibrant Blue, M805 Ocean Swirl
Pelikan M800 Demonstrator