Kaweco Ice Sport Red

I held off getting a Kaweco Sport for quite a while now. I never saw any use for a small inexpensive pen. Kawecos slogan being, “small in the pocket, great in the hand.” Well it turns out they were right. This small pocket pen is great for traveling, or even daily use.

Straight to the details. When capped the pen is 4.1″ long and posted the pen is 5.2″ long. The pen is made from simple plastic, yet has a sturdy feel. It’s light enough that dropping it when capped shouldn’t do much if any harm to the pen; excluding concrete or tile. The pen comes in several nib sizes, extra fine to double bold, including four different italic sizes.  The nib is the smaller #5 type 060.  This is not the same as the standard #5 type 180 which most pens use.  Also different from the #5 type 076 used in many Visconti models.  In addition a unique “double nib” is available; which I have.  The nibs are available in steel (stainless, gold color, black color) and gold (rhodium coated and yellow gold).  The replacement nibs come with a black section and feed.  Simply screw into your pen body and write away.  Or you can remove the nib and feed to place into your existing pens section.  You would consider this if your pens section is a color other than black.  The pen does NOT come with a converter or with a clip; both sold separately.  Converters are available in three types, mini piston (currently using), standard screw, and squeeze.  You always have the options of using short international cartridges.  Or, go with eyedropper option; avoid pocket carry.  A blue cartridge is included with the pen.   The clips are available in gold, silver, and bronze; Olympic style.


I have experienced an issue that many others have had.  The nib.  It didn’t write well out of the box, in fact it barely wrote at all.  The nib was slightly out of alignment and the tines too tight.  I lined the tines up using a loupe, and smoothed the nib with a six sided nail file.  In total it took about four minutes.  If your looking for a pen with a great nib out of the box, this isn’t it.


Following the quick nib tune and adjustment I popped in the piston converter.  Grabbed a bottle of Diamine Earl Grey ink, gave it a fill, and was writing within five minutes of un-boxing.  I’ve been using it for some daily journaling and Hobonichi doodling.  Generally I don’t like posting pens due to scratching or poor balance.  The Kawecos short size requires the pen to be posted.  No issue with weight balance.  Frankly the pen is cheap enough that I am not concerned about scratches.  Especially with a pen that is designed for pocket carry.


All in all, I think the Kaweco will be a good pen for travel use.  It’s small, light, convenient, and inexpensive.  As with all my reviews, I purchased the pen with my own funds, and this is not associated with anyone else.


Photos to follow.